March 1 on a South Texas Country Road

March 1 on a South Texas Country Road

Winter palette fades.

Painted over by Springing.

Weary gray tinges green.


Bare branch silhouette

 Softens, hazed in chartreuse fog.

Baby leaves split tight coats.


Shiny buds unfold

Clover, dandelion, moss

Each green different


 Why call it Red Bud?

It’s lilac, pink, violet.

Purple vetch vines, twines.


 Blue wood violet,

Saffron puffs of sweet Huisache

Fill air with fragrance.


Indian Paintbrush

                                             Tiny torches start to blaze,

scatter scarlet flames.


Not yet showing bloom,

  Bluebonnets, Crimson Clover

soon add to Spring’s song.


 Bleak chill of winter

Gives way to resurrection,

melody of Life.